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hE^2 is the leading leatherwear supplier in the UK . We have established our eShop primarily to support and increase our geographical reach and international customer base.

From high grade soft leather to cow Nappa, suede to Nubuck, the versatility sensuality and durability of leather is unparalleled by any other fabric. 
In fact, from the touch, to the aroma, to the image, leather has become so much more than just a "fabric". It has become an identity. Bad boys and girls have been wearing leather since James Dean and Marlon Brando. Leather is cool. Leather is sexy. We love it. 
hELium Leather Jackets
Do not underestimate the power of hElium. Do not be afraid to choose a statement of unadulterated passion.

About hELium Leather Jackets


We would consider exclusive applications for Main country distributor as well as resellers where there isn't a exclusive agreement in place. We offer a whole range of enablers to kickstart the process.

Please contact us at with details about your company, company registration number, VAT and we will be in touch to discuss this oportunities with you.


Kind regards, 

hE^2 Leatherware


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